Why You Should Use Dropship Directories to Find Good Dropshippers

It is not easy to find good dropshippers online. In fact, if you go to a search engine right now and type in wholesale dropshippers" before any given product type, you are sure to return pages and pages of retailers claiming to be offering dropship services. So how do you know if a wholesale dropshipper you have found is legitimate or not? The answer is that there is really no way to tell unless you test it out yourself and that means risking money. But thinking on a positive note, if every other person could find good dropshippers then you will have no real advantage over your competitors.

It is hard to find good dropshippers. There are legitimate sources but you either pay in time, (it can take months to find good dropshippers because they do not advertise as such) or in dollars. Even if you do come across a wholesale company that actually dropships, they might not be the type of dropshipper you want to use. Therefore knowing how and where to find the right wholesale dropship source could mean the difference between success and failure.   Most people that have good dropshippers are not sharing the information. But don't you wish that you had access to the exact same wholesale & drop-ship sources that eBay powersellers use to earn the big bucks at auction? So what is an easy way to find reliable and legitimate dropshippers?   Your best bet for finding true wholesale dropshippers is to become a member at a dropshippers directory. Don't get confused here, because this is a bit hard to explain: a dropshippers directory isn't a dropshipper, it's a directory of true dropshippers that you can set up accounts with and use to source your products.

When you pay to become a member at a dropshippers directory, you can cruise through the directory and look at thousands and thousands of true wholesale dropshippers that are just waiting to dropship items for you. You can even search the directory for specific types of products that you intend to sell. These dropshippers are frequently tested anonymously by the staff at the paid directory and graded according to service, packaging, speed of delivery and so on(assuming that the staff are doing their job)   In conclusion, if you are new to business you probably found out how hard it is to find legitimate wholesale dropship sources. Roaming through the internet trying to find reliable dropshippers can be time consuming and frustrating, often enough to put off people before they even get started. Therefore, by paying a small fee to join a paid directory is probably the best way to get started immediately while the momentum is still there. There are probably only 2 to 3 legitimate wholesale directories so just make sure you get started with the right one.

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