Wholesale Dropshippers - The Cornerstone of an eBay Business

Contrary to popular belief, the path to a successful eBay business is not an easy one. Americans have been blinded by popular culture's portrayal of eBay as a place where items sell for huge profits every minute. In reality, most eBay start-up businesses are doomed to failure from the start. If you have unrealistic expectations, you can not possibly build a rock solid business plan. In order to be successful, aspiring eBay sellers must find profitable products to sell, market them effectively and maintain strong customer service. Above all other methods, dropshippers provide reliable access to the products and knowledge required to build an online eBay business destined for excellence.
Products that sell consistently well on eBay are often difficult to come by and guaranteeing a steady supply can be frustrating and laborious. Garage sales present an opportunity to find some rare gems, but unearthing items that will sell well on eBay is like finding a needle in a haystack. Since garage sales are typically held only on Saturdays, one is forced to compete with 100's of eBay businesses searching for the same items that sell on Ebay. Importers may provide a large catalog of products, but language barriers and the requirement to pay up-front for large lots of items, make this option unreliable.

Dropshippers represent the best of both worlds. They provide a wide variety of high-margin products that can be purchased in lots of anywhere from one item to several hundred. In addition, the eBay business does not need to purchase the product, unless it sells on eBay. A typical sale using a dropshipper takes place in three major steps:
1. The eBay business selects a product to sell from a catalog of 1,000,000 items that have previously seen sell on eBay for a strong profit.
2. The product sells successfully and the buyer provides payment and his shipping information
3. The product is ordered from the Dropshippers online catalog and shipped directly to the customer.
This process is far more effective in guaranteeing consistent profits than any other supplier of products to sell on eBay. The risk inherent with paying up-front is eliminated and allows the seller to concentrate their funding on building their business.

Dropshippers also provide a wealth of knowledge and research tools to an eBay business. Included in membership, the dropshipper provides guides for everything from how to list an item, to case studies on what words are effective in a listing's title. One of the great features of top level dropshippers is the push-to-market tool. This is a service that allows the eBay business to transfer all of the item information directly into an eBay auction without the formatting problems of cut and paste techniques. This feature leaves the sellers hands free to concentrate on more important activities that require their attention.

Above all, customer service and maintaining a excellent reputation on eBay is essential to continued success. With supply options such as garage sales and importers, quality of product and on-time delivery are at the mercy of warehouses and the post-office gods. Dropshippers such as Doba provide a wholesale guarantees to sellers that will be sure to keep their clients providing positive feedback when the items arrive.

In the end, what makes an eBay business successful is the ability of the seller themselves. While dropshippers provide the products and knowledge, the seller must be willing to do the research and make the tough choices that will separate them from the thousands of other eBay businesses and drive them to a successful future on eBay.

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