Find a Trusted Dropshipper to Avoid Headaches When Selling Online

Everyone knows that dropshipping has become a preferred choice of many people that want to sell products online, however choosing the right or wrong dropshipper can make the difference between huge success and a failed business.

The main big advantage of using a dropship supplier is very evident. Dropshippers take away the headache of having to manage a warehouse full of products. They also handle the packing and shipping of the products which makes it very easy for entrepreneurs to simply focus on the marketing aspect of their business, and let the dropshippers do the hard work.

Being a dropshipper requires a lot of business real estate such as man power, a warehouse, capital to purchase products and software and computers to manage the entire business. It also requires a good solid merchandising team with excellent relations with manufacturers and wholesalers. Very often those suppliers are in foreign countries so hiring people with pre-established connections with tier one suppliers is a major plus.

For the normal people, all this seems out of reach however thanks to dropshippers everyone can now start a business and sell products online while collaborating with companies that offer dropship products.

Choosing a good dropshipper is not as simple as Googling the keywords "dropshipper" or "the best dropshipper". Unfortunately there are many companies that have entered this game and simply are not up to par when it comes to customer service. The first thing you should look is a company that offers unprecedented customer service regardless of what type of products they can ship for you. When it comes to establishing a presence online, the most important thing you will need to consider is providing your buyers with the best customer service possible.

A good customer service will entice your buyers to buy from you several times. Of course your entire business reputation will depend on your chosen dropshippers so ultimately they will contribute to the quality of your customer service level which can make your business succeed or fail miserably.
A good customer service should be evaluated by looking at the dropshipper's return policy and whether they actually follow through their terms and policies. You should also look at their shipping policy and see how quick they resolve issues related to returns of both undamaged items and damaged products.

Don't be afraid to test a few dropshippers before you commit a large sum of marketing funds to your business budget. You can purposely order a few items from your chosen dropshippers and request to return the item. See how long this process takes. See if you are going to get a refund on your original payment and remember whatever you go through is what your buyers will also experience.

Most of all, remember that dropshippers usually "blind dropship" to your buyers which means your buyers will always think that YOU are providing the service and any error or mistakes made by the dropshipper will appear as if your business is making those mistakes. Your buyers will evaluate you based on how well your chosen dropshippers perform.

There are many services that offer lists of wholesalers and dropshippers however those are usually not censored since they are in business of selling lists which means, the bigger their list the better. Unfortunately this takes away the quality of the list and it will be hard to make the difference between good and bad dropshippers.

You will also find sites that compare dropshippers with a "star rating" system on various factors. Those sites are usually very outdated and geared towards making some dropshippers look better than others by affiliates for the sole purpose of trying to make money on referrals.
The best method you should employ is to simply test the dropshippers one by one yourself and see what kind of service you will get. Once you find a supplier that provides a close to perfect service, then you can focus on how you will resell their products. People will buy almost anything online, however they will spread bad comments and create a bad reputation for your business if they have a bad experience with your service.

Always remember, the most successful companies that strive in today's market are those that have an outstanding customer service rating.

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